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Powder Coated Aluminum Decks

Powder Coated Aluminum Decks

Powder Coated Aluminum Decking is the alternative decking to replace any traditional wood or composite decking products to give you a truly maintenance free deck surface.

With Powdered Coated Aluminum decks…

  • You’ll never have to replace rotted, cracked or warped boards.
  • You’ll never have to paint, stain or weatherproof your deck.
  • You’ll have a fire proof deck.
  • Your deck will be slip resistant.
  • Your deck will have UV stability
  • Your deck will have excellent color retention
  • Your deck will support up to 240 pounds per square foot.

Aluminum decking is versatile and even  ideal for residential and commercial outdoor decks. This flooring coated with thick polyurea is durable and the brands we use do not have the aluminum “ping” sound.