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Under Deck Drainage Systems

Water draining systems allow you to create a dry space under your elevated deck by diverting water away using a trough and gutter technique.   You can then have a covered patio or screened enclosure to create a dry outdoor living retreat. This doubles your outdoor living area for an affordable price.

Water draining system installations vary by manufacturer. Some systems are composed of waterproof membranes that are installed over the deck sub-structure.   Some may be an interlocking component of the deck that sheds water away.  Yet other systems are attached to the bottom of the existing deck sub-structure that are also diverted into a gutter and downspout system.

Best Under Deck Drainage Systems

GM Construction uses the under deck drainage systems from the following companies:

  • RainEscape
  • InsideOut
  • Deck Drain
  • Dry Space
  • Zip Up
  • Under Deck Systems