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Pergolas and Arbors

If you want to add a dramatic and bold statement to your backyard, go no further. Custom-built Pergolas and Arbors are GM Construction exclusives! These are not your big-box, run of the mill, average home improvement pergolas and arbors. These are the king of the hill.

Unique Pergolas Designed Just For You

Here’s why:

  • Prior to you ordering a custom pergola, the trees used for your project are standing in the woods. We literally go get the wood fresh to build your pergola to order.
  • We use white cedar or white pine (more economical option). The wood is already used to the Michigan climate, so it will hold up all four seasons.
  • Either wood type can be stained to any color to complement its surroundings.
  • We design and custom-mill all of our material.
  • All of our arches are custom-bent using a proprietary method rather than cutting them out of an existing board.
  • The tail of the perlins can be custom designed and built to your liking (photo for example).
  • Our pergolas are made in Howell, MI in our own facility
  • We deliver to your location and install your new pergola or arbor within half a day.
  • We can even take it down and move it to your new house when you move!

Benefits of Pergolas

  • No permit required
  • Enhances the aesthetics of your yard
  • Provides shade
  • Provides a place to hang plants, hang hammocks, grow vines
  • Can be installed on any existing structure – decks, stamped concrete patios, brick paver patios, and your yard (some reinforcement may need to be added depending on your structure)
  • Portable – take it with you when you move

Our Arbors are just as unique. But they are fixed to the spot (buried in the ground) where you want them.

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